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Ultimate Bridge Solitaire

2.99 usd

No in-app purchases, no ads, and no monthly fees! Just countless hours of fun! Have you ever wanted to learn how to play Bridge, one of the greatest and most popular card games of all time? Would you like to refine your skills at Bridge with the convenience and flexibility of not having to engage other people? Ultimate Bridge Solitaire offers single player Contract Rubber Bridge using Standard American bidding conventions and skilled AI opponents and partner. It provides an excellent tool for the novice player to learn the basics of the game, or for the more experienced player to develop the finer points of play.
-Multiple aesthetically-pleasing card and table choices
-Standard American bidding with optional use of Blackwood & Stayman conventions
-Intelligent AIs that have some notion as to how to play the game beyond simply following suit
-AI auto-bidding and bid recommendations for beginner players
-Deal replay to test different contracts or approach to play for a given scenario
-Open-handed play for enhanced learning of Bridge by students of the game
-Manual card dealing to set up layouts from instructional books and articles